Morgan Stephens is a recruiting firm that specializes in the placement of Medical as well as Healthcare professionals. Our inherent strength is to identify and recruit high caliber Medical and Healthcare professionals for your prestigious organization.

Committed to the highest of professional and ethical standards, with an uncompromising drive and passion, we always try our best to exceed our client’s expectations and needs. We pride ourselves in finding the right candidates for the employers after listening to them and hearing their requirements, while at the same time searching the appropriate positions for the job seekers.

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Morgan Stephens delivers patient care through Medical Jobs and Medical Recruiting. Being healthcare recruiters, we care about the employers and work with the medical experts we recruit.

We have built a successful image over the years by helping employers in hiring professional physician assistants, physicians, medical executives, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare experts.

We realize that every individual we help ends up providing healthcare services to several people on a daily basis. Thus, our focus is to satisfy our clients in the best possible way. Besides hiring the most professional and knowledgeable Pharmacy Technicians, Clinical Trainers, Appeals and Claims Specialists and Healthcare IT staff, we also specialize in the recruitment of the following.

• Physician recruiters

One of the most challenging aspects of hiring healthcare experts is physician recruitment. This is because physicians are the major pillar of the healthcare system. We partner with your firm and implement our recruiting strategies to meet hiring objectives in this highly competitive area of health care.

Simply contact us, if you want us to hire physicians for your organization. We recruit in all medical specialties across the nation from Neurosurgery to Family Practice.

• Physician Assistant Recruiters

Today, there is an increasing demand of physician assistant recruiters. Our network of Physician Assistant is extensive and due to growing demand, more practices are realizing the advantages of hiring PAs for both back and front office.

• Nurse Practitioner Recruiters

We also offer specialized recruitment services as a nurse practitioner recruiters. Our hiring strategies are very effective in this niche area of health care. We welcome you to reach out to us if you are in search of nurse practitioners (RN, LVN, LPN).

• Jobs for HealthCare Professionals

No doubt, it is a daunting task to find the right job. Morgan Stephens provides comprehensive consultation on various factors that matter while exploring opportunities.

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