What Is An Intellectual Property Lawyer

Intellectual property (IP) refers to the innovations of the mind, for example, inventions, artistic works, symbols, designs, images, and names used in commerce. Intellectual Property is protected by law in ways such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents, which allow people to earn financial benefit or recognition from what they create or invent. By striking the correct balance between the wider public interest and the interests of innovators, the IP system intends to foster an atmosphere in which innovation and creativity can flourish.


The law of intellectual property places different requirements on all types of creations, which depend on the law applicable. For instance, it is a must to submit a patent application to the US Patent and Trademark Office for an inventor of the new machine for review and approval before claiming a patent on the creation. On the contrary, copyright protections are granted as soon as the author’s original work is affixed or attached to a medium, without filing requirement or any application. However, extra protections are awarded when the owner registers the copyrighted work.

What are intellectual property lawyers?

IP lawyers are professionals who licensed to practice IP law as well as trained in this field. IP is categorized into two parts:

 IP LAWThe first category is Industrial property, which involves industrial designs, trademarks, inventions (patents), and geographic indications of source.  The second category includes Copyright, which involves artistic works and literary such as plays, poem novels, musical works, films, artistic works, for example, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and architectural designs.  The rights associated with copyright include phonograph producers in their recordings, artists performing in their performances, and broadcasters in their television programs and radio.


What is the Duty of an Intellectual Property Lawyer?

An intellectual property lawyer is responsible for doing everything legal that is linked with intellectual property. For example, you can hire an intellectual property attorney for industrial property to help you in filing an application for a patent or trademark, defending your trademark or patent, writing a licensing agreement or representing your case before a board or patent examiner.

The following is an example. As an inventor, you know the technical and scientific knowledge involved in your invention, but for conducting proceedings with any patent office as well as for preparing a patent application, it is essential to have complete knowledge of patent rules and laws and the patent office’s procedures and practices. Here an IP lawyer plays an important role, as he knows how to carry out these procedures.

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