Mercedes Benz Drivers Take Note Get Your Parts Cheaper

Buying Car Replacement Parts Without Paying Extra

You are making a big mistake if you don’t take time to shop around for your car parts. Mercedes auto-parts can be expensive, especially if you don’t know their market price. I had to learn the hard way when I realized later that I had paid 3 times more just for simple brake hardware. Not all replacement parts are expensive as at some dealerships. Here are some useful tips that I recommend for car owners when shopping around for replacement parts:


Research Car Parts Online


It is always a good idea to search for car parts online before opting to look for other places. This has saved me many times especially when am looking for simple auto parts from filters to fluids. I consider shopping near my home area to reduce on the cost of shipment. To get the best deal, I look for dealerships with the lowest price and shipping. I am also keen on looking at the estimated time of arrival for the parts that have ordered. This is because some auto parts especially from overseas may take even a month before they reach your home.


Confirm your part number


You should understand that some Mercedes car parts are only unique to certain vehicles. Some engine parts and transmission combinations may work best together while others may not. Some car parts often bought from most dealerships include wipers, batteries, filters, starters, alternators, coolants, modules, computers and sensors among others.


With this in mind, it is important that you contact the dealership to confirm your specific car part number before making any purchase.

Use coupons and save


Making some saving is one of my shopping principles which I also use when buying car parts. I normally look for auto parts from car dealers and also enjoy visiting junkyards to look for compatibles myself when I have time. Warranty and delivery usually add up to cost of auto parts when buying from a dealership. I prefer buying some car parts like filters or coolants online with the help of coupons. Coupons help me get the particular parts I need and even add on others that my car will need later without paying extra.


Online forums can save you the trouble of finding some car parts. I personally have helped a couple of people I don’t know find unique parts for their car modules. The forums are fun and at most times some happy car owners have offered to pay for my effort which I sometimes decline because I understand how finding a rare car part can break sweat.

Find rare parts by yourself


When it comes to finding some auto parts for high-end cars like hybrid vehicles, classic cars or Mercedes Benz, you may hassle quite a bit because their parts are rare. At most dealerships, the price of unique car parts is high. This is why I sometimes choose to go to junkyards for unique parts. I remember one time that I was looking for a radiator for my old S Class, which I couldn’t find in the dealerships around but my hobby in finding parts in junkyards saved me.


Auctions can also help you find rare car parts at an affordable price. Find out if there are any car auctions in your neighborhood. You can land yourself a unique part that may be useful in the future.

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